Rainy day care

So we have had a few weeks of wild wet weather which makes this a great time to look about your property!

Everyone waits until summer to buy an air conditioner

We all wait until the last moment to deal with a problem. If you’ve ever had to book an air conditioner mechanic at the start of summer like I have you know just how long it can take for them to just come look at the problem – let alone fix it. (For me it was two hot, sweltering weeks). The same can happen after a big wet like the one we’ve just had.


Erosion is caused by soil runoff after rain (or heavy wind, but that isn’t much of an issue where there is grass cover). Over time as soil is run off, gullies and holes form. If these get big enough, they eventually become a drainage issue and will undermine the surrounding area causing instability. Not to mention how it will effect your property price. Buyers always overestimate how expensive things are to fix, and Erosion can be quite cheap to fix. Caught really early it can be as simple as laying down gravel or mulch in the right places.

Leaving erosion alone will not solve any issues. Up in Dayboro, Samford and the surrounding areas we often see rockslides on roads after big rains. We all know why of course, when the roads were cut decades ago the builders paid no mind at all to ensuring that there was sufficient erosion control on the bare cliff faces. Now whenever we get decent rain the rocks simply fall lose. This can happen in your yards as well!


Drainage problems are often caused by inadequate pitch or slope in your yard diverting water away. What this generally means is you want a 2 or 3 degree slope on your lawn direction water away from 1. Your house and hopefully 2. your entire property. If this isn’t done, than water will either flow into your house (or other areas you don’t want water in) or will sit stagnate on top of soppy ground. This is generally why you shouldn’t see actual flat yards. You want to move the water to a lower point in the yard. Working with the land to create better run off into storm drains is better than building your own drains or basins. But it’s important to get on top of it early lest you have to go to more drastic earth moving solutions.

Over time leaving the issue will lead to any number of problems. It will create unsightly bogs, undermine foundations and damage parts of your property.

A stitch in time saves nine

Don’t wait until your yard looks like this! Erosion control, Drainage and Stone Walls are our speciality. We are experts are preventing disasters like this from occurring. You will save many thousands of dollars with swift preventative action and taking control of the problem before it spirals out of control. Serious issues like this can even become your neighbours problem!

So send us an email or give us a call if you think you’re suffering from Erosion or Drainage problems. We will look into it for you and help you devise a plan to stop it getting out of control.