Excess Water

Water, as we all know, can be a powerful force, even on a small block of land.  Gravity means if you live at the bottom, you will have to deal with the water from above you property.  Flooding in a heavy storm is different to that of ‘wet’ areas.  There are different solution to each problem, not always solved ‘ag pipe’ and many people think.


One of the major causes of erosion is wind on unprotected land. Various measures can be put into place to avoid problems on your property. Stonehenge walls can provide these numerous options. From large windbreaks that protect sensitive land to stone retaining walls that provide a buffer for your hills.

Fast Water

One way to solve erosion problems is to slow water down.  Obstacles, wider passages and diversion points can be part of the solution.


The most common, sustainable way to protect against excess water is to divert it away from your house and possessions. Most likely in TV renovation shows, builders will place drains around the house to divert water, but this should be the very last resort. It is commonly picked as it is very visible to the public, and gives the appearance of working correctly. But as we all know, during heavy rains it is common that drains will get overwhelmed. A lot of destruction during the 2011 Brisbane floods could have been averted with proper diversion.

Instead, Stonehengewalls will work with the land to provide logical paths of lease resistance that won’t rely on last ditch drainage. Through the use of stone and earthworks, we can morph the landscape to direct away from your house and other possessions.