Stone lasts forever.  This means you will never have to replace it.  Landscaping is not something that is redone every few years.  Trees and gardens take many years to  establish and having to replace a timber wall often means their destruction.

Reclaim seemingly useless land

Many people know what it is to have a piece of their property that they have no idea what to do with.  We take great pride and pleasure in converting steep or difficult to access land into flat or at least accessible land.  Apart from adding significant value to a property, gardens or walkways can replace was was once considered useless.



Stone for every taste.  Granite was once the stone of choice, primarily due to its location and thus its price.  Sandstone was considered too expensive.  Today sandstone has become affordable for every budget.  The cost of the material is usually a third to half travel costs and the remainder determined by the grade of stone you choose. Basically, the more the stone is cut, the more it will cost.   Most people have heard of “A” grade stone, a product with 5 cuts, or “B” grade, a product with a minimum of 2 cuts.  There is also “random” stone, usually the reject or offcut material, “diamond” or “wetcut”(see below) and other variations depending on the supplier.  Because terminology varies between suppliers, be sure to see an example of work before you commit.



Stone steps look fantastic in any setting.  The right steps add the WOW factor to any landscaping job.  Straight and formal or curving for greater impact.  It is not just about access, but rather transitioning from one plane to another.



Here is a good example of taking a retaining situation and turning it into steps.  Although there was a 1m drop from the covered area before the work began, it looks nothing like it now.  By using thinner blocks and creating a usable space between the two drops, the whole area has not only been opened up, but created a beautiful landscape.  Beats the rotting timber wall that was there to begin with.


Keep it simple.  Some of the best landscape features and simple and blend into the existing terrain.  A good wall should not stand out and dominate the scenery.  It should be the backbone  of the plants and other features.  Plain spaces can be transformed with the use of terraces, walkways and steps.


Cart before the horse.  This is a common problem.  Walls are often left till last.  After the water tank is in, or the house is finished or the driveway laid.  Here is an example of customers getting it right. Before the builders turn up, get the walls in place.  It will save you money.